Monday, January 02, 2006

Our New Place!!!!

Jeff and I moved into our new condo in Cochrane - and it's great! We love it. Now that we've got internet and power and phone and everything, and we've figured out how to run the fireplace, all is well. :)

To the right you can see our living room / dining room. If you look really close, or click on the picture, you can see the graveyard through the windows! (That's not one of my favourite things - the only thing I DON'T like about the new place.)

At left is a picture of Holly & Meredith's room! Someday, though, it's going to be a baby room (in September ;) and they'll have to give it up then... I'm really excited to be having a baby, and I pray that all goes well!!

You can probably see a spot on the wall on the right side that's white, not green - there's a couple spots in the place that we have to touch up ourselves. That's what men are for... :)

And here at the right is our kitchen - I've never had a dishwasher before, but I do now! I love all the cupboard space....

Finally, here is our bedroom. It's even bigger than our previous one in Fredericton. (This isn't a very good picture...)

And we've also got a laundry room - at last, I've got my own washer and dryer!!!! :) I love this place... But I do miss New Brunswick very much.

Oh, and Nicole, don't worry - your little girl (Willow Rose) is doing just fine! :)


Anonymous Betty said...

What a great looking condo! Congrats on the coming baby, guys! I am sooo happy for you! :)

12:17 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

So, meredith and Holly have a space but I dont?????!!!!! I suppose thats Ok. Anyway I here at 4NW with Della and we are looking at your home! Its beautiful! Della says Hi!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Nurse Nicole&Nurse Dean said...

Nurse Dean is at the back desk and he is resourse LPN, so you know what that makes ME. *smiles all around from Della and me* oh Dean gave heathen Della a Bible this evening. But he wants a copy of the picture of Sampson. Ask Mark for details. Della says "take good care of Jeff". ttyl.Love Nicole

8:32 PM  

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