Monday, September 26, 2005

I Need Help!

Guys: I need help with my stupid cats. Sorry for saying they're stupid, but I've just realized that I'm a horrible mother and that Willow and Felix are the way they are because of me... :) *sob sob* *smiles*

When I woke up this morning, Felix had knocked over Jeff's cereal box. There was cereal everywhere... I mean EVERYWHERE. There are now teeth holes in the box- Jeff isn't going to be very happy. And now he's locked up in a cage (Felix, not Jeff) because that's the only place he'll behave. He is SO bad, and every day he's getting worse. Last night he knocked over the laundry rack, banged on our door several times, and had to spend about 2-3 hours in his cage so we could get some sleep. He beats on the door and then runs away. I guess he thinks it's a game.

So I am taking the first step by admitting that I have a problem. :) And now I am asking for help. I don't want my child to grow up in a cage *grin*. So please: HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Betty said...

Give him away as a present. People can't refuse gifts, it'd be rude. Then Felix'll be their problem :)

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Holly said...

It's all about discipline. Disciplining a cat is just like disciplining a horse (or a child!). The five-step plan?
1. Be immediate. Discipline immediately after he/she has misbehaved. Use the 3 second rule - if you don't discipline within 3 seconds, he/she has forgotten what he/she did wrong.
2. Be firm. Dicipline is a way of grabbing his/her attention. If the water bottle doesn't work, don't use it, use something else that is suitable.
3. Be concise. Discipline once and then stop. If you keep spraying water, for example, it'll eventually lose its effect.
4. Be consistent. If you discpline Felix once for something, every time he does that you have to discpline him. Don't let him get away with it even one time! Even if you're tired, even if you're tired of disciplining him ...
5. Be fair. Let your cat be a cat. You can't discipline him for cat-behaviour. In a child, you have to differentiate between "childishness" and "foolishness" - you can't discipline childishness.

There's my long-winded answer from my extensive training at camp/Olds :D

2:39 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

We bought a nice big cage. *grin*

3:14 PM  

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